Helping You REACH Your Full Potential!

For the past fifteen years, at REACH Educational Center, we have helped thousands of students in Dade County improve their academic skills by providing after school intervention and summer programs. Our approach together with highly qualified teachers provide each student with the individualized attention and support that they are lacking through a regular classroom educational program.

Through “Learning-Strategies Instruction” we offer a viable and promising approach for helping students REACH their full potential. The objective of this instruction is to teach students “how” to learn rather than “what” is contained in a specific curriculum.

Our programs are personalized based each child’s strengths and weaknesses. The first step in our program is a comprehensive evaluation to measure the current level of each child’s academic skills. The assessment tools used at our center are highly recognized standardized tests. Based on these results we develop an educational plan that meets each child’s unique needs. A personalized plan using his/her strengths to develop new or weak areas is the key to our success.

At REACH Educational Center our program works with each individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare them with materials and strategies that will give them an edge on test day.Learn More
Personalized one-on-one instruction for each student will your give your child the necessary tools to strengthen their academic skills and prepare for long-term success, inside and out of the classroom.Learn More
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See What Our Customer Are Saying!

“Teachers have constantly been telling me how big of an improvement they have seen in the quality of my daughter’s work. I also love how well mannered the staff is and the REACH facility itself.”
Nancy, Mother of one
“If it wasn’t for REACH, my son Robert would not have passed the FCAT. I love how patient the staff is with both my sons and how much they have been able to grow academically and socially. I refer all my friends and family to REACH Educational Center.”
Wendy, Mother of two
“I have been taking my daughter to REACH for over a years and I really love how the tutoring methods are adapted to fit her needs. She receives very personalized instruction and that has definitely helped her succeed academically”
Maria, Mother of One